Introducing ConnectWise Control Autofill

The ability to autofill information in ConnectWise Control sessions is one of our most frequently received requests from partners.

The idea here is to allow users to access a remote session and input any type of credentials and sensitive information into that session, without making them have to go back and forth between Control and the source of documentation.

We've heard you loud and clear, and today we are glad to announce a brand new ConnectWise Control Autofill integration. You can now use Myki to fill any type of sensitive information into your remote sessions, with a few keyboard shortcuts.

To activate the Myki Autofill Module, hit CTRL + SHIFT + ' on your Windows machine or SHIFT + CMD + ' on Mac.

Search for the item that you need then hit ENTER or RETURN to autofill the username and the password field. To only autofill a specific field, navigate to the item fields by using the arrows on the keyboard and hit ENTER or RETURN on a specific field to autofill it.

We are in the process of building an Identity Management ecosystem that you can leverage to secure and simplify your daily workflow, as well as your customers' workflow.

An example of a complete use case would be importing credentials from a documentation platform into Myki, and then using its autofill capability to seamlessly authenticate into remote sessions and cloud services.

This is only the first of our Remote Session Service integrations. We'll be rolling out more integrations in the coming weeks, which will include Datto RMM, Splashtop, Teamviewer and Kaseya VSA Live Connect.

If you're not a Myki user yet, sign up for Myki for MSPs here, or Myki for Teams here.

Introducing ConnectWise Control Autofill
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