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How to Secure Your IoT Devices

Nowadays, it seems like almost everything we have in our homes is connected to the internet. But that level of high-tech convenience may come at a price.

According to the recently published 2020 Unit 42 IoT Threat Report, an alarming number of IoT devices are exposed and exploitable. The report found that 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, 57% of IoT devices are vulnerable to medium- or high-severity attacks, and much more.

What’s the issue?

IoT device hacking is nothing new, but it wasn’t until late 2019 that the issue was brought to widespread mainstream attention when hackers began hijacking Ring home security cameras, intruding on people in the privacy of their own homes and causing all kinds of mayhem.

The Amazon-owned company pointed out that it had not been hacked, but instead, hackers were taking advantage of credentials found in third-party data breaches that were reused for Ring accounts.

Regulating manufacturers

Unit 42’s report also found that password-related attacks on IoT devices remained prevalent due to weak manufacturer-set passwords and poor password security practices.

This trend is expected to change direction following California’s SB-327 IoT law, which took effect on January 1, 2020. The law requires all manufacturers of IoT devices to meet a set of security conditions, including "The preprogrammed password is unique to each device manufactured”.

The UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport has also proposed some IoT laws which would require IoT devices sold in the UK to follow three particular rules, one of which would be "Device passwords must be unique and not resettable to any universal factory setting”.

What can you do?

The biggest takeaway from all of this is that your IoT device passwords should neither be default ones, nor ones you’ve used somewhere else before. So here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Download the MYKI app for mobile or desktop.

Step 2: Use MYKI’s built-in password generator to create a new strong and unique password for each of your IoT devices.

Step 3: Save all your new credentials in MYKI.

Why wait for the laws to catch up to IoT manufacturers when you can start protecting yourself right now?

Download MYKI today and start taking control of your digital identity.

How to Secure Your IoT Devices
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