Even Shared Accounts Can Be 2FA-Protected. Here's How.

Following a series of MSP-targeted ransomware attacks last year, the pressure on MSPs to tighten up their security is greater than ever.

Establishing a mandatory 2FA policy for all accounts goes a long way towards strengthening an MSP’s defenses, but it also presents a major challenge when it comes to shared accounts.

The problem

When 2FA is set up for a personal account, the owner of that account usually receives a 6-digit security token on their phone via SMS, which they’d need to enter in addition to their password to access that account.

Shared accounts on the other hand are used by multiple users, not one single individual. But due to the fact that the security tokens are transmitted via SMS, only one phone would be able to receive and access them.

It wouldn’t be practical, or secure, to have one employee’s phone receive the security tokens for all 2FA-protected accounts. It also wouldn’t be practical to buy a new phone for the entire company to share and designate it as the “2FA phone”. Even buying each employee their very own "2FA phone" wouldn’t solve the problem.

The solution

Stop using SMS as the delivery method for the security tokens, and start using Myki for MSPs instead.

In addition to storing and sharing passwords, Myki for MSPs can also be used to set up and manage 2FA on an enterprise scale.

What this means is that once you’ve shared access to a 2FA-protected account with the users who will need to access it, each of those users would then be able to securely and privately receive the required security tokens on their own devices and log into 2FA-protected accounts unhindered.

Sign up for Myki for MSPs today and take control of your digital identity.

Even Shared Accounts Can Be 2FA-Protected. Here's How.
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