HOME: The Physical Cybersecurity Solution

It's been more than a year now since almost all of us began working from home due to the global pandemic, and we've all had to adapt.

With our MSP-focused password & 2FA management solution, we were able to help keep both MSPs and their clients secure and protected as they made the transition to remote work, all while navigating a risky cyber threat landscape.

But while that's certainly no small feat, we do feel that we could be doing more for our users, specifically regarding one major weak point that this move to work-from-home has exposed: the sudden lack of physical cybersecurity.

Let's get physical

Guards at the gate, specialized keycards, a locked server room with an alarm system. These are all measures that many of our workplaces were equipped with to prevent security breaches of a more tangible nature, not executed using a computer over the internet, but in the real world, through deceptive social engineering tactics.

It's probably safe to assume that your house, which is now your workplace, is not protected by guards, does not require a keycard to enter, and doesn't even have a server room. What we're trying to say is: a cybercriminal posing as a washing machine repairman could be plugging a flash drive full of malware into your laptop within the next hour.

For this reason, we are excited to finally unveil HOME, a new service from MYKI designed to equip your house with the same level of security as your online data, because the devices you use to access that data are just as important to protect.

How HOME works

The process begins with a video call between you and our Chief Physical Cybersecurity Officer, K. McCallister, who's been working in the field since the early 90s.

Following a thorough assessment of your personal requirements and the unique layout of your space, a tailor-made physical cybersecurity action plan will be proposed, and once approved, on-site installation can begin.

The system is customizable and can be fully-tailored to your exact specifications. For example, you can install a Heated Doorknob Apparatus on any door of your choice, which pairs nicely with an Overhead Blowtorch Unit. Other modules include the High Velocity Swinging Paint Can Mechanism, Low Friction Staircase: Sub-Zero Upgrade, and a tarantula.

Ready to get started? Check out our demo video to see HOME in action and send an email to kmccallister@myki.com for more information.

HOME: The Physical Cybersecurity Solution
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