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Hawaii False Missile Alert

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Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Epic Fails of 2018:

Residents of Hawaii woke up to a terrifying notification on Saturday morning when the Emergency Alert Service issued a missile warning, telling residents:


Thirty Eight minutes after the alert was sent out another alert was sent stating, "There is no missile threat or danger to the State of Hawaii. Repeat. False Alarm.”

The website for Hawaii Emergency Management Agency was also offline due to an influx of traffic. A representative for the Agency said the alert was pushed as part "of a drill that was going on.” People were sheltering in basements, some crying and holding each other calling family and saying goodbyes.

The agency has come forth to explain that the missile alert happened when an employee chose the wrong option from a drop-down menu!!! (WTF). The false alarm not only panicked the entire nation, but was incredibly dangerous, and easily could have sparked an accidental war.

And if that wasn’t enough, that same agency responsible for terrifying thousands of people with a fake missile alert has broadcast a password to the public. A photo of an employee at the Agency has gone viral because of something hanging on the man's computer. The photo shows the Operations Officer's desk with his many monitors, and stuck to one of those his monitors is a Post-it note — with a password on it!

The Photo: Stuck to one of the monitors is a Post-it note — with a Password on it!!!

The photo has since driven debate online about the agency's cybersecurity practices and how big of a deal it is to write your passwords down.

Story Source: Mashable

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Hawaii False Missile Alert
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