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Happy Data Privacy Day!

Each year, Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28 to commemorate the signing of the first legally binding International data protection treaty.

It is a great reminder of how important user empowerment is, and the need to educate and motivate everyone, including companies, on cybersecurity risks, and making privacy and data protection a greater priority.

Data Privacy Day is also a good opportunity to recognize how quickly the privacy industry is currently growing and how challenging online privacy has become in terms of security. Today more than ever, it's time to engage and coach our friends, family, and colleagues on how to keep our private data safe.

Here at Myki, a major focus for us is on creating ways for individuals and enterprises to manage and protect their data.

We've built tools like the Myki Dashboard, which allows you to find out which of your accounts have weak, old, or reused passwords.

We've made sure that the data being relayed when syncing info across your devices is encrypted in a way that prevents even our servers from knowing what information is being transmitted!

Myki also serves as an authenticator for 2FA, allowing you to manage your 2FA tokens and add a second layer of protection to your online accounts.

Data Privacy Day reminds us that as an industry, and as a society, we are constantly moving forward, facing new challenges that we can tackle together through conversation and innovation.

We're eager to be part of the solution.

Happy Data Privacy Day!
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