Furloughed Employees? Restrict Access

Have you had to furlough any of your staff during this global pandemic? If you haven't, there's a good chance your clients have, or may be planning to.

Government response to the COVID-19 situation has varied by country, but in the United Kingdom, a new scheme has been put in place to compensate furloughed workers.

Here’s the deal

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) allows companies that have been forced to close down temporarily to put their employees into a furlough period, during which 80% of their wages (up to £2500 per month) are covered.

However, there are some stipulations. To be eligible for the grant, a furloughed employee cannot undertake work for, or on behalf of, their organization, or any other linked or associated organization.

In a nutshell: furloughed employees cannot work. If they do so, they could be potentially putting their employer at risk of not being compensated by the government, or maybe even facing some fines down the line.

What constitutes work?

Sending an email to a supplier. Logging onto a core line of business application. Even publishing a post on the company's LinkedIn profile. Any of these actions can be considered “work” as far as the government is concerned, which means that accessing these digital platforms must be strictly off-limits to all furloughed employees.

How can you enforce this?

MYKI’s Security Policies allow you to temporarily restrict employee access to any accounts they shouldn’t be logging into during their furlough period.


Time-based, location-based, and IP address-based Security Policies can be put in place to prevent all unauthorized logins, and make it easy for you, or your client, to verify that furloughed employees were indeed not performing any work-related duties during this period.

Once things settle down again, access can quickly be re-enabled, ensuring a smooth transition back to normal and allowing work to resume with no downtime.

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Furloughed Employees? Restrict Access
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