Does Your Team Need a Password Manager?

Password Management and safekeeping is a universal problem. While all know this, we tend to do very little about it, or nothing at all; and adopt the “I am not a target” attitude (a great defense mechanism), but more often than not your proprietary data isn’t breached because you are the target, it is breached because 86% of hacks happen due to human error.

Your company is at risk. But not because of some Russian hacker named Oleg crackling on his mechanical keyboard in the dark, its none other that Sam in accounting on the second floor who used the same weak password across his personal and work accounts and has now cost your company millions in damages by giving an intruder access to your company’s financials, client lists and only the Gods know what else.

I am going to ask you a series of 5 questions, keep in mind that these are qualifying questions to help you decide wether or not a Team Password Manager is what you need:
  1. Did you know that your team members are using the same weak password across your company accounts and therefore putting you at risk?
  2. Do you have team members that are constantly on the move or working remotely?
  3. Do you have a high team turnover and tend to takein part-timers or project contractors?
  4. Do you have different departments with different access rights to information?
  5. Do you sometimes wish you were a hacker to track user logs in real-time and identify fraudulent events on the spot?
If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, then you are in dire need of a Team Password Manager. Enter Myki.

After the success of our consumer solution: The Myki Password Manager and Authenticator; named one of the ["Top Free Password Managers for 2018"](,2817,2475964,00.asp) by [PCMag](,2817,2475964,00.asp), the Myki team has launched [Myki For Teams]( an offline password manager & authenticator for your team, bringing the next generation of identity and access management software to any small, medium or large enterprise!

What makes it unique is that Myki keeps your data completely off the cloud, Why? Because while cloud storage of passwords, keys and certificates is convenient, it is a big security issue. Hackers should NOT be able to compromise a publicly accessible server and as a result gain access to users credentials. This is why with Myki For Teams, we keep your data completely off the cloud, away from prying eyes.

Myki is a Decentralized Solution For a Universal Problem.

Through giving you full visibility and control over your team's access management, you ensure that your team has access to what they need, where they need it and when they need it without compromising the security of your data!

With Myki you can decentralize your access management, all while centralizing the control over it with the Myki Portal.

Decentralize Access Management and Centralize Control.

How it works:

The Myki Portal allows you to push or pull company credentials to and from your team members smartphones as well as set access control rules such as where they can access an account and at what times, through the Myki mobile app.

Use case:
Your team member uses Myki to login to the Salesforce’ company account

  1. Team Member type in (duh!)
  2. Clicks on the salesforce account in the username field brought up by the Myki Owl.
  3. User receives a push notification.
  4. User grants access from their lock screen by using fingerprint, Face ID, or a pin code.
  5. Credentials are then pushed to the browsers (using an end-to-end encrypted connection) logging the user in automagically!

The premise here is that you no longer have to rely on your team members to create, manage, or remember a password!


  • Myki creates strong and complex passwords for you. (Say goodbye to 12345 passwords)
  • Myki securely manages your passwords and your team does not even have visual access to the password. (Your team member logs in to the company salesforce account without ever seeing or knowing the password!)
  • Myki stores your information in a decentralized manner and never in the cloud, instead it is distributed across users' smartphones.

Myki for Teams is not restricted to account logins, you can also push payment card information, 2 factor authentication secrets, and even official Documents such as government IDs in a secure and convenient manner.

For all company owners, admins and managers Myki For Teams results in better workflow and improved security!

Here’s a snippet of what 'Myki For Teams' offers:

Password Management:
Myki allows you to give your team members access to accounts without relying on them to create and manage the password associated with it, massively decreasing the risk of users inadvertantly allowing someone to tamper with your company data.

Live Login Map: Through the Myki Portal, you can monitor your team's access logs in real-time. Easily identify fraudulent events; You can even enable geolocation logging for critical accounts to know exactly where these accounts were accessed from, at what time, on which wifi connection and even at which phone battery level.

User Groups: Different departments have different needs. Mirror your Team's organizational structure by grouping team members together and personalizing each group's access control. (ex: Social Media team has access to the following accounts: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and the Sales team has access to Hubspot and Salesforce.)

Access Rules: When team members are constantly on the move, you can make sure that your company's data is not accessed when it is not needed! Set Location-Based, Time-Based, or IP-Based rules on any account, team member, or group.

Simple Onboarding/Offboarding: This one is for team turnover, part-timers and contractors: We made sure that adding or removing any member to your team is a click of button away! With the Myki Portal, access is instantly granted or revoked. This way you never have to wake up in the middle of the night thinking "Oh no, Priscilla still has access to the company dropbox account!”

With Improved Security, Better Organization & Workflow, Strong Passwords an Admin Dashboard and Real-Time Login Feed, the Myki Offline Team Password Manager is an inevitable tool for any company that understands the importance of protecting company data in a secure and convenient manner!

Do you have 4 minutes to set your company up on Myki and protect your enterprise? Yes, we timed it! GET STARTED FOR FREE!

Does Your Team Need a Password Manager?
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