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Dear Santa, keep your online identity a secret this Christmas.

Dear Santa,

It's December and the holiday season is upon us, and yes it is the most wonderful time of the year! With your busy schedule and the crazy holiday traffic to and from your workshop, we’ve got a Christmas hack for you. While we know you are a man of tradition, this very year, how about making it a modern Christmas and trying out online shopping from the comfort of your home in the North Pole!

You should know that Cybercrime is especially high during the busy holiday season, the increase in online shopping offers many more opportunities for fraudsters to catch you off guard. Don’t let them! But Santa, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why...

myki can be the cyber security angel sitting on your shoulder this Christmas, making sure you never place your sensitive information in the wrong hands.

Santa, the term “Phishing” comes from techies who chose to replace the letter ‘f’ with ‘ph’ and applies to scammers who are basically 'fishing’ for your private information aiming to steal your financial information, your passwords, or worse, your identity.

First of all, make sure to check for website authenticity. Authentic and secure websites will display an SSL certificate, click on it and make sure that it matches the domain you’re on, just look for the security lock and green address bar in the URL. When you see it, feel safe to proceed!

Second of all, be careful when responding to emails asking you to “confirm” recent transactions after you shop, these may be phishing scams that are ‘coincidentally' sent around the time you shop. Make sure you double check the sender's address and do not reply with any sensitive information. Legitimate Banks and E-commerce websites will never ask you for your credit card information or passwords in an email.

Finally, if you are logging in from Mrs.Claus's computer, and want to keep her gift a secret, make sure you logout as soon as you are done browsing. If you use myki, you can even log out remotely!

Use password best practices on shopping sites – You should use different, strong (i.e. long and complex) passwords on every site you visit, and no, Santa1234 or Cookie12345 are NOT considered strong passwords. A good password habit would be to use at least 12 characters along with numbers and symbols. To make that easier, just use myki which will generate a strong, complex, and unique password, and remember it for you.

A good password habit would be to use at least 12 characters along with numbers and symbols.

Here is one we know you may be lured by, during the festive season, hackers will rely on some classic tricks, such as the free Christmas screensaver, Silent Night ringtone, or e-card offer. In such cases, the classic “if it sounds too good to be free, it probably is” is one you should always fall back on and be careful what you download.

We’ve got your back this year Santa, for any more information you can visit myki and check out our blog for more tips and tricks!

Have a happy, but more importantly secure, holiday season!

Dear Santa, keep your online identity a secret this Christmas.
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