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Custom Tags, Now on Your Browser

Users who've activated Myki's Custom Tags Pro Feature now have the ability to add and edit custom tags from within their Myki browser extensions.

The feature was initially released for Android and iOS a couple months back, but after noticing that many of our power users mainly managed their accounts and sensitive data through their browser extensions, we went ahead and added the feature to our Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Opera extensions.

Tags can be searched for through the master search bar, located on the main page of the extension popup.


They can also be added and edited in each account's page to make locating and categorizing your various online accounts a much easier process.


Custom Tags is one of Myki's all-new Pro Features, which you can use by visiting the Pro Features section in the Android and iOS apps and enabling it from there. Custom Tags is also included in our Pro Bundle, which includes all 4 of our Pro Features.

This is only the first of a series of functional updates and tweaks coming to the browser extensions. Stay tuned!

Custom Tags, Now on Your Browser
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