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Custom Categories Arrives for iOS

In our ongoing efforts to enable users to better personalize their Myki experience, we’ve just rolled out a brand new Pro Feature for iOS: Custom Categories.

In the Myki mobile app, the categories bar up top is where you can access and manage all the data you’ve stored in Myki: passwords, 2FA, payment cards, secure notes, IDs, and identities.

These default categories are pretty sweet: they’re the basics, the essentials, the bare necessities. But different users have different needs, and different kinds of data to store.

That’s where Custom Categories comes in. With this Pro Feature, you’ll be able to make the categories bar your own and unlock its full potential!

First off, as the name implies, you’ll be able to create your own custom categories. Just tap the gear icon on the far right of the categories bar and select “Create Category”.

From there, you can assign a name and icon to your custom category, and select the fields to be filled for each item within it, which could include text, numbers, or even dates.

Why not create a custom category for your cryptocurrency keys? Or how about a category to keep track of all your software licenses? Maybe even a category for invoices? Any data you’d like to have easy access to and store safely is fair game.

But that’s not all. Custom Categories also allows you to change the order of categories and even hide the ones you’re not using. Put the categories that matter most to you first and reduce clutter!

If you’re an Android user, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Custom Categories in Q1 of 2019. But if you’re an iOS user, grab this Pro Feature now and start customizing your categories!

Custom Categories Arrives for iOS
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