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Introducing Autotask PSA Billing Integration

Today, we're glad to announce our second billing integration with the Autotask PSA billing integration, following the launch of our ConnectWise Manage billing integration last month.

With this integration, MSPs will now be able to dynamically add and update Myki licensing information in their clients' Autotask PSA contracts, allowing them to make changes to the user count of managed companies in Myki without having to worry about updating their customers' invoices.

To set it up, visit the "Integrations" section in the Myki MSP Portal and select "Autotask PSA" from the list of integrations.


There, you can integrate with Autotask PSA by entering your API credentials if you haven't already (you can find a detailed guide here). You can also create or match Myki with an Autotask PSA product and modify the base price you are reselling Myki for.

To enable billing for a specific company you are reselling to, scroll down to that company's entry in the matching list and select "Enable Billing", then select the contract you want to apply it to, make any changes to the pricing that you might want to make, and hit the "Save" button.

A Myki entry will be added to the agreement of that company with the exact number of users currently assigned, as well as the selected price per license.

Activate your Myki trial here.

Introducing Autotask PSA Billing Integration
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