2FA Sharing for MSPs Using Myki

Myki's unique decentralized storage architecture enables our MSP partners to securely add, share, and autofill 2FA tokens with their team and their customers.

Adding 2FA to Myki

Myki acts as a 2FA Authenticator. This means that you can attach a 2FA to a password stored in Myki in order to manage both your passwords and Two-Factor Authentication tokens.


Instead of storing the 2FA tokens in the cloud behind a master password, the secrets are locally stored on devices that you manage within your MSP and are synced P2P between users.

Our servers do not store a copy, encrypted or otherwise, of your data. Zero Knowledge Redefined.


Sharing 2FA with users

In addition to the ability to add 2FA to your Myki vault, you can also securely share these 2FA secrets with multiple users and with groups of users within your MSP.

This allows multiple users within a team to securely access accounts that are protected using Two-Factor Authenticaton which effectively addresses the biggest limitation of 2FA.


All 2FA secrets are shared P2P between devices that are authorized to access the tokens, which does not degrade the second factor of authentication the way a cloud-based solution would.

Autofilling 2FA in browsers and apps

Myki will automatically fill 2FA tokens in browser sessions and in apps on your behalf. This means that you do not need to copy a 6 digit code from your mobile phone anymore. Let Myki take care of authenticating you instead.

Internally, this simplifies your workflow and reduces the friction created by enabling 2FA on accounts. If you're an MSP that is reselling to customers, this allows you to enable 2FA on your customers' accounts without having to worry about training users on how to log into accounts that are 2FA-enabled.

If you are not a Myki user yet, get started for free by clicking on the link below.


If you are an existing Myki customer, start adding 2FAs to your accounts in your MSP portal by following this tutorial.

Next week, we'll be building on these capabilities by going a step further into what you can do with 2FAs stored in Myki.

Stay tuned.

2FA Sharing for MSPs Using Myki
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