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88% of Businesses Consider Themselves Cybercrime Targets

A new survey has revealed some very interesting statistics about businesses and their relationship with cybersecurity.

According to the Small Business Cybercriminal Target Survey, which was commissioned by the National Cyber Security Alliance and conducted by Zogby Analytics, 88% of small business decision makers believe that they are at least a somewhat likely target for cybercriminals, including 46% who believe they are a very likely target.

62% of surveyed businesses report that cybersecurity is a high priority, and when it comes to business size, larger companies appear to be more concerned. 72% of businesses with 251-500 employees regard cybersecurity as a high priority, while for businesses with 1-10 employees, only 39%.

33% of surveyed businesses have an in-house IT department staffed with 10 or more individuals and 30% have an in-house department with fewer than 10 individuals.

45% of surveyed businesses require employees to use lengthy unique passwords for each account, which is one of the 4 most common cybersecurity best practices employed by the surveyed businesses.

The other 3 best practices: reporting suspicious emails (54%), running current anti-virus software on all devices (54%), and updating systems and software when prompted by the software (47%).

28% of surveyed businesses have experienced an official data breach within the past 12 months, and as a result, 69% have been offline for a limited time, 37% have experienced a financial loss, and 10% have gone out of business.

A solution MSPs can provide

What this survey shows is that:

  • A majority of businesses do not have an in-house IT department
  • A majority of businesses are aware of the importance of cybersecurity
  • A majority of businesses consider themselves likely targets for cybercriminals

MSPs are perfectly positioned to fill this gap by providing such businesses with the IT services they lack, including solutions that address their growing demand for cybersecurity. Solutions such as Myki for MSPs.

Myki for MSPs is a simple and secure identity management solution that can be used internally by MSPs as well as offered to clients.

Facilitating the creation of strong passwords (which was among the 4 most common cybersecurity best practices revealed in the survey) and providing greater control and visibility over access to sensitive data are just some of the many benefits that MSPs can offer their clients through this powerful cybersecurity tool.

Sign up for Myki for MSPs today and give your clients, and your MSP, the security and privacy they deserve.

88% of Businesses Consider Themselves Cybercrime Targets
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