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86% of hacks are caused by you!

November 17, 2016

Contrary to common belief, the biggest cause of data breaches in your company is NOT some Serbian hacker named Oleg crackling away on a mechanical keyboard in the dark all the way from Belgrade. More often than not, it is actually none other than your colleague Sam from the second floor who is putting the entire company at risk.

As human beings, we tend to be forgetful, negligent, and at times even malicious, and that is why 86% of hacks are due to human error.

Most cybercriminals will do their best to avoid spending months trying to crack your security code or look for a single gap in one of the programs your company uses. Instead, they will simply try to trick you or somebody else who works within your organization, like Sam, into giving them the information or even letting them into the system.

We can no longer overlook the necessity for identity and access management.

At this point in time, we can no longer overlook the necessity for identity and access management. Planning for progress in a fully digital work environment, accompanied by both the global and remote access to accounts made available to us, as well as reacting to the online threat landscape that accompanies this fully digital workspace requires us to be aware of the risks and potential mitigation techniques. Customers and clients alike expect the organizations they work with and for to protect their information, and it is up to you to make sure that you are utilizing the latest tools and methods to protect yourself and your organization.

We have your incidence plan right here, and it is called myki. myki is an enterprise software that allows for digital workspace management.

myki secures and simplifies the way personnel gain access to company owned accounts.

It provides the convenience of the cloud without the associated risks by distributing sensitive information across users' smartphones in a decentralized manner as opposed to cloud-based storage.

myki is a mobile application connected to a management portal. The mobile application, available on both iOS and Android today, can be downloaded on personnels' smartphones allowing them to login to any service without a username and password, by using their fingerprint instead. It also allows them to share access to an account with colleagues or collaborators without sharing the password, while being able to logout of a service remotely with a click of a button.

myki also offers a management portal that allows the administrator to provision or deprovision accounts and set scheduled automatic passwords changes. myki is modular and made to scale with the size of the company. It allows the management team to design dynamic and customized rules based on real time geolocation, time of day, as well as IP address, giving enterprises never seen before real time visibility and control over their team's online behavior.

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86% of hacks are caused by you!
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