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6 Million Instagram Accounts Stolen

It's Episode 16 of the Myki Security Report, and here is the latest in Cyber Security and Hacking news:

  • Instagram Has Suffered A Massive Data Breach
  • People Pay Thousands For Instagram Verification

Instagram Has Suffered A Massive Data Breach

It's official! An unknown hacker has stolen the personal details of more than 6 million Instagram accounts including politicians, sports stars, and social media influencers. Their email addresses and phone numbers are now available for sale on a website launched by the hacker called Doxagram.

Doxagram is an Instagram lookup service, where anyone can search for stolen information for $10 per account.

The news comes a couple days after a hacker hijacked the Instagram of Selena Gomez —with over 125 Million followers— and posted her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's full-frontal nude photographs.

Instagram already notified all of its verified users of the issue and encouraged them to be cautious. Users are recommended to enable two-factor authentication on their accounts and always secure them with a strong and complex password.

If you are unable to create and remember different passwords for each and every website, you can use The Myki Password Manager And Authenticator available for free on iPhone and Android

People Pay Thousands For Instagram Verification

The black market for Instagram verification is apparently alive and well. The blue emblem is a status symbol that helps people gain credibility and appear at the top in search, and apparently it's an open secret in the influencer community where people are paying thousands of dollars for Instagram verification (While according to Instagram's policies, It cannot be requested online or purchased.)

According to sources who have sold verification, people are paying anywhere from 15 hundred to 15 thousand dollars for account verification, and here's how it works:

  1. There's usually an employee at Instagram who is willing to take a bribe.

  2. A middleman receives cash, which is split with the Instagram employee.

  3. The employee submits a verification request and crosses their fingers it gets approved.

While Sources say Instagram is aware of this kind of thing. Instagram has declined to comment on the claims.

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6 Million Instagram Accounts Stolen
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