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5 reasons why Myki was selected among the most powerful password managers by Apple

After being rated "Excellent" by PC Mag back in January, Myki receives another glowing endorsement, this time from Apple! In a recent iTunes Daily List, Myki was selected as one of the App Store's "Powerful Password Managers".

This comes as no surprise to us though, as Myki has various features and functionalities that elevate it above the rest. Here are 5 of those features that make Myki one of the best around.

1- Cloudless storage

Myki is offline by design. Most password managers store your passwords in the cloud, where they are prime targets for hackers, and a single vulnerability or breach could compromise the data of millions. Myki on the other hand, stores and secures your passwords across your trusted devices (phones, computers, etc.), making sure your sensitive data is always safe and sound, within arm's reach.

2- Support for two-factor authentication

Nowadays, a password is not enough. Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires a user to provide an ever-changing 6 digit code, in addition to a password, every time they want to log into their account. The extra protection sounds amazing, but does it really have to be such a hassle? Not with Myki. In addition to auto-filling your passwords, Myki can even go the extra mile and auto-fill your 2FA tokens, thanks to its unique cloudless architecture (see point 1).

3- No master password

Most password managers secure your passwords behind... another password. But a master password is just as easy to steal as the passwords it's protecting, since they're often equally susceptible to hackers. Myki on the other hand, allows you to access your data using your unique biometric signature. In other words, scanning your fingerprint, and even your face, through Apple's Face ID feature for iOS users.

4- Sharing passwords without revealing them

Sharing is caring. But it can also be a little scary... Suppose you want to share access to your Netflix account with a friend. You can either just give them your password, and risk having your account hacked and sold on the Dark Web (because your friend hasn't heard about Myki... yet!). Or, you could let Myki handle that for you. Myki's password sharing feature allows you to securely share a password with a recipient, meaning you can grant them access to one of your accounts, without letting them see what your password is.

5- It's free

Because securely managing your online identity shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg!

In addition to the personal version of the app, Myki also provides a powerful enterprise solution for teams, making sharing passwords and sensitive data between multiple users that much more simple and efficient. All this, off the cloud!

But don't just take our word for it, try for yourself! Download the Myki app on iTunes and Google Play today.

5 reasons why Myki was selected among the most powerful password managers by Apple
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