4 Steps to Get Your Team and Clients Excited About a New Solution

Over the course of the past two years, we have spoken with thousands of Managed Service Providers across the world.

One common hurdle that many MSPs seem to face is getting their team and clients to adopt a new solution. This is mainly because it would disrupt the way they have been operating, which they've naturally become comfortable with and gotten used to.

When it comes to password & 2FA management specifically, MSPs have shared with distress that their clients and teams were still using one of the common insecure password practices below.

Deploying a password & 2FA manager would therefore require them to adopt new workflows in their day-to-day, ultimately leading to only a partial adoption of the new solution, and potentially even an overall feeling of cynicism towards it.

This is cause for concern considering the fact that for a password & 2FA manager to be effective, everyone on the team should be onboard, convinced, and committed to using it; a hybrid approach is not an option.

Based on a tenuous trial and error process, we’ve put together a four-step guide to help MSPs get their team and clients onboard when it comes to password & 2FA management, which we hope can facilitate and accelerate the adoption process.

1. Sound the alarm

First and foremost, it is important to understand that MSP teams and clients might not be as alarmed by cybersecurity breaches as the business owner, CISO, or CTO is.

This is generally due to the fact that they, more often than not, don’t realize the risk they are facing or are subjecting their organizations to as a result of having poor cybersecurity hygiene. This may cause them to question and dispute the need to shift things around.

What we’ve seen to be beneficial is to kick off any effort to implement a new solution by first getting everyone to recognize the problem: what is the burning platform?

When they realize how easy and commonplace data breaches have become, as well as the implications that come with one, very few people would shy away from taking action to prevent them.

To help our partners raise awareness, we’ve put together a couple of documents to share with their teams and clients. Find them here, here, here, here, and here.

2. Sell the experience

Once MSPs have gotten their team and clients to buy in, next comes presenting them with a solution that’s appealing.

Before getting started with the actual onboarding process, and to keep the momentum going, we found it beneficial to first showcase the end-result; what will their day-to-day eventually look like after having that solution in place?

Painting that picture before deep-diving into the technicalities generally makes the actual onboarding process easier to go through.

We’ve put together some videos showcasing the MYKI end-user experience, which you can view here and here.

3. Train simply

Now that everyone has been onboarded, it is key to ensure that both your team and clients are trained on the different use-cases and workflows brought forward by the new solution.

Through numerous onboarding calls, we have realized that the users who shy away from adhering to these new practices and adopting new workflows are often the ones who did not fully grasp how the solution works.

What we’ve found to be beneficial is to assume from the get-go that your team and clients’ knowledge of the solution is basic and provide them with the necessary training material accordingly.

That being said, effective training is simple training - product walkthrough webinars, short-form videos, and visually-appealing decks are the way to go.

Check out some of our example videos for training MSP teams here.

4. Maintain and develop

Finally, a common misconception that we’ve come across is that training is a one-time effort.

What we’ve observed to be most effective in creating sustainable success are two types of initiatives:

For MSP teams

Scheduling recurring quarterly "solution checkpoint" sessions which revolve around three main questions:

  • What is new with the solution?
  • Have we found the solution to be useful in ways that haven't already been covered?
  • What can we do to take the solution a step further?

For MSP clients

Monthly content marketing campaigns revolving around introducing new features and raising awareness through blog posts and videos such as this one and this one.

Our team is always ready to support partners in creating the best training programs for their teams and clients. Reach out to your account manager or send us an email at msp@myki.com to get started.

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4 Steps to Get Your Team and Clients Excited About a New Solution
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