Manage 2FAs and More from the 2FAs Section

With the addition of a new 2FAs section to the MYKI Portal, setting up and managing 2FAs for your MSP or business just got a whole lot easier.

As we've previously discussed, 2FA has become an essential, even obligatory, requirement for all MSPs, following announcements of enforcements from major vendors such as Microsoft and ConnectWise, to name a few.

However, managing 2FA for MSPs has been historically difficult. For an individual user, a 2FA token (that's the 6-digit code generated every 30 seconds) can easily be received through a personal mobile device. But for multiple users sharing a single 2FA-protected account, things can get complicated.

Luckily, the MYKI Portal's 2FA features and capablities make it well-equipped to meet the 2FA needs of MSPs and business alike, and the newest addition to these features is the 2FAs section.

Previously, in order to set up 2FA for a stored item, an admin would have had to go into that specific item and set up 2FA for it from there, after which they then had to assign that item to themselves before they could see its token. The only way to keep track of which items had 2FA set up was to check for a badge beside those items.

Located within the MSP Vault section, the new 2FAs section displays all stored items that have 2FA set up. The tokens are hidden by default for security reasons, but can be requested by admins with the click of a button.

In addition to providing a clear overview of all stored 2FAs, this section also allows admins to create 2FAs, delete 2FAs, share and revoke access to items with 2FA, and see which users have access to which of them, as well as create time-based, location-based, and IP address-based security policies for 2FAs, all from one place.

This new 2FAs section only further highlights MYKI’s capabilities as an enterprise-level 2FA authenticator, well-equipped to meet the needs of MSPs and businesses alike.

Manage 2FAs and More from the 2FAs Section
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