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2 VPN Services You Should Be Using

You’ve probably heard of VPNs (virtual private networks) before, but what exactly are they, and which service providers should you consider when the time comes to choose one?

A VPN gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating an encrypted virtual tunnel for your internet connection, hiding your real IP address, and making all your online activity untraceable.

Do You Need A VPN?

Just think about all the times you’ve been on the go, browsing the web while in line at the coffee shop, or checking your bank account while waiting for your meal at your favorite restaurant.

What if I told you that every time you log onto a public WiFi network, any data transmitted during your online session is vulnerable to eavesdropping (also known as sniffing) by strangers using the same network.

What you'd need to make sure all your data stays secure is a good VPN.

Now that you know what a VPN is, and why it’s useful, let’s talk about service providers.

When choosing a VPN service provider, you’ll ideally want to look at 3 key factors: encryption, number of servers, and customer support.

That being said, here are 2 of our favorite VPN services that we think you’ll love.



NordVPN isn’t the only VPN to focus on privacy, security and anonymity, but it goes a little bit further than some of the competition.

If you’re browsing the web on a public WiFi network, you can count on NordVPN’s military-grade 256-bit AES encryption to keep all your private and sensitive data safe from anyone sniffing around.

NordVPN runs over 3500 servers in more than 60 countries around the world, giving you plenty of flexibility to pick a location to connect to the web through. You can even connect with up to six devices simultaneously using a single NordVPN account, which is awesome!

As for customer support, NordVPN’s is one of the best out there, with the majority of issues getting resolved on the spot.

It also has some very interesting built-in cybersecurity features to further safeguard your data, such as using two VPN links at the same time, or using the TOR network for extra digital privacy.



ExpressVPN has been one of the leaders in the VPN market for a while now. It offers strong security, has good performance, is easy to use and provides great customer support.

With AES-256-CBC data encryption and a 4096-bit RSA handshake, there’s not much more one can hope for. And to ensure there are no DNS leaks, the network has private zero-knowledge DNS servers.

ExpressVPN currently has over 2,000 servers in more than 95 countries across the world, meaning that in addition to being very secure, it’s also very fast. This is ideal for things like watching Netflix.

The clients are very easy to use and there’s even a 24/7 live chat function to help with any technical difficulties you may run into.

And to top it all off, ExpressVPN is registered in the British Virgin Islands, where there are no data retention laws outside those of the 14 Eyes group.

In a world where our whole lives are stored on digital devices communicating back and forth, it’s critical to ensure safe and secure passage of data.

In addition to a good VPN, a great password manager would also be a valuable addition to your cybersecurity aresenal.

2 VPN Services You Should Be Using
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