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100,000 Passwords to Avoid, According to the UK's NCSC

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has published a list of the 100,000 most commonly used passwords.

On April 21, the NCSC published the results of its first ever UK Cyber Survey, with the goal of measuring and understanding awareness and attitudes towards cybersecurity, and related behaviors among UK citizens.

This was also accompanied by the release of a “global password risk list”, compiled from breached account data published to Have I Been Pwned.

According to the NCSC, 23.2 million people have used the password "123456", 3.8 million have used the password "qwerty", and 3.6 million have used the password "password".

Here are some other interesting findings:

"Ashley" wins the popularity contest for most frequently used name as a password (432,276), beating out "michael" (425,291) and "daniel" (368,227).

When it comes to “Batman vs Superman”, "superman" emerges victorious as the most frequently used fictional character as a password (333,139), with "batman" falling much further behind (203,116).

"Blink182" (285,706) claim their #1 spot on the chart as the most frequently used musician as a password, ahead of "50cent" (191,153) and "eminem" (167,983).

"Liverpool" take home the championship for most frequently used Premier League football team as a password (280,723), leaving "chelsea" (216,677) and "arsenal" (179,095) in the dust.

If this list proves anything, it’s that weak and overused passwords are still a very real risk, not just in the UK, but globally.

We hope you don’t find one of your passwords in this list, but in any case, the best and easiest way to ensure that all your passwords are breach-proof is to generate strong and complex ones with a password manager.

Side note: the National Cyber Security Centre is also behind the Cyber Essentials information assurance scheme, which Myki was recently certified by.

100,000 Passwords to Avoid, According to the UK's NCSC
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