Securely manage Credit Cards, Government IDs and Notes.

MYKI stores your identification documents in a secure location. MYKI will automatically fill the information in your browser for you when needed, and even alert you if a document is about to expire.

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Can MYKI auto-fill my credit card information into websites?

Yes, MYKI can autofill all the credit card information in your browser via the MYKI browser extension the same way that it auto-fills your usernames and passwords. When you see a credit card form with the MYKI Owl icon, click on it and select the credit card that you would like to auto-fill. This will send a login request to your phone and as soon as you approve it, MYKI will auto-fill the data.

Can I share access to my credit cards using MYKI?

Yes, you can share your credit card data with any MYKI user by clicking on the card in the MYKI app and by selecting your contact from the sharing tab. The recipient will not be shown the CVV in the app but whenever he uses the card online, it will be displayed to him in the form when being filled by MYKI.

How secure is it to store my credit card information in MYKI?

MYKI does not store your data in the cloud, your credit card data is only stored on your MYKI-enabled devices in an encrypted manner and secure backups can be made to all MYKI devices. This makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for hackers to gain access to your data by remotely attacking you.