Our mission is to make the Internet a safer place.


We aim to equip users with best-in-class tools to manage and own their digital identities at a personal and professional level.

Why Now

Weak identity management practices have given rise to today’s hackers. Data breaches have increased in numbers and proportions halting companies’ growth and intruding personal lives.

Most users have resorted to storing their data on third party cloud servers which distributes their identity across hundreds of service providers and makes it more likely to get compromised by a data breach.

At MYKI, we are building tools that enable users to regain control and own their digital identity, starting with our offline Password Manager and 2FA Authenticator.

Why It Matters

Our digital footprint grows with every interaction we complete online, further exposing our identities. At MYKI, we believe our users should have tools that limit their exposure and protects them from Identity Theft and Data Breaches.

We are a team of security specialists, tech enthusiasts, privacy advocates, creative thinkers and dreamers that share the passion for making the Internet a safer place.

New York, USA Cork, Ireland
Aberdeen, Scotland Florida, USA
Beirut, Lebanon Reading, UK
South Carolina, USA Washington DC, USA

What unifies us is our passion to work on the next generation of solutions that is tackling the Identity Management Problem.

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We're looking for passionate people that want to work on challenging problems with a distributed team around the world.

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